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Pilates & Yoga

Yoga or Pilates?

Which one is right for ME? You may be scratching your head right now wondering what is the difference? If any? Well firstly, both Pilates and Yoga are mind-body, low-impact type exercises.
Both practices challenge the participant to develop body and breath awareness, by holding postures and shapes that challenge mobility, strength and mental discipline.

Broadly speaking Yoga is beneficial for improving the flexibility of the body and joints, along with mental distressing benefits. Pilates works on relaxing, strengthening and lengthening tense muscles.
If your goal is to improve spinal muscle strength and stability in the core area between the hips and the thorax you will derive huge benefits from Pilates. If stiffness and inflexibility is a primary issue Yoga is wonderful.

Both disciplines improve posture. Here at Encore Pilates & Yoga, we are delighted to introduce you to workouts that offer the benefits of both Pilates and Yoga. With our uniquely devised classes to suit all levels from the Beginner to the more advanced student. Our classes are aimed at restoring and re-energising, reducing aches and pains while at the same time resetting the nervous system thus helping to reduce daily stress and anxiety.

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