Kids Yoga is cancelled due to Covid at this time!

Kids Yoga

When did life become so serious for these Little People?

The stress, the worrying, the rushing from point to point, loading your day, then crashing before waking up and doing it all over… the reality is, that this is life for most of us today.  There is nothing wrong with that.  But what we fail to overlook, however, is that this is also reality for our children.

We, as adults are only just beginning to figure out how to deal with this stress, anxiety and burn out.  So how can we expect our children to know how to centre, focus, step back?

From an early age, children can begin to feel pressure to perform academically, formalise friendships and interact more socially.  Add in extra-curricular activities such as competitive sports or graded music lessons and the list of demands increases.

Yoga brings back a sense of play and improved sociability to the life of a child. It offers the opportunity for children to develop skills in a relaxed, non-competitive environment.
The “Encore Pilates and Yoga” offers Yoga classes in which children can let go, knowing they are not being compared to each other, they are not striving for grades, to be part of the “in crowd” and there is no need to get the perfect pose.

Our Kids’ Yoga Classes provide children with the tools to cope with moments of stress and anxiety while helping them to become more “in-tune” with their bodies. Classes provide a balance between structure and spontaneity with a combination of storytelling, songs, games, partner work and poses in a multi-sensory environment.