Today I am so excited (and equally terrified), as I welcome you to my new online platform, Encore Pilates and Yoga.

A Big thank you to everyone for taking the time to join me today!!

Hopefully moving forward, together, we will embark on a full-filling and lasting fitness and wellness journey.

In March last year, due to the global pandemic, as our government announced a nationwide lock-down of our country I was forced to contact my private clients to inform them that I was discontinuing live classes for what I thought was a month or two.  I never dreamt that having attempted to restart my business in the Autumn, our country would once again be plunged into yet another lock-down.  Any hope of recommencing my live classes was now well and truly gone for the foreseeable future.

Over the years I have been extremely fortunate to have grown a very a loyal client base.  I missed our personal interaction and was saddened that particularly my older clients, who are at a heightened risk of contracting the virus, and many now homebound, were also missing out on both the physical and mental benefits of being able to participate in my classes.

With the realisation that this situation is not going away any time soon I was left with no option but to venture out of my “comfort zone“, take the plunge and adapt to the new (and for me), the daunting world of technology and online teaching.

So Here We Are!!

I cannot deny that after a challenging 6 months, creating my website, becoming familiar with videography, sound and lighting equipment…. I am delighted to be back!!

I am very excited at the prospect of re-establishing my relationships with past clients and meeting many more new clients in the future. 

It will be ‘Slowly But Surely” to begin with…. so you can ease your way back in.

We will run live Zoom Classes, and over the next few months there will also be recorded videos to suit all levels of fitness, age and flexibility.

I realise that for some, your fitness levels may have declined slightly and you may feel sluggish, due to the loss of your regular fitness routine and cold weather.  Many people are working from home, which holds its own challenges.

However, the beauty of that is…. you can now work and exercise to your own timetable.  

I am fully aware that as time passes it can become more and more difficult to re-establish an exercise routine. 

But it is not too late!!  Do not wait until the aches and pains become unbearable due to lack of mobility.  The days are getting longer, the evenings brighter and summer is not too far away.  So why not join me at my live classes and get that feel-good factor back.

Don’t forget to check out my weekly Blogs on Health and Well-being…. diet and lifestyle tips on how we can help ourselves develop a more energetic, pain-free, healthy body and mind. 

“ When You Cannot Control What Is Happening

Challenge Yourself To Control What You Can

…. Move Your Body



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Today I am so excited (and equally terrified), as I welcome you to my new online platform, Encore Pilates and Yoga. A Big thank you