Seniors Pilates & Chair Yoga

Seniors Pilates and Chair Yoga

Pilates and Chair Yoga is perfect for you if you are looking to remain strong and active during these exceptional years. Keeping fit is essential but other forms of exercise can be challenging on the body and joints. Pilates and Chair Yoga is ideal for older adults because it is low impact, non-weight-bearing, and not nearly as severe on the joints as most workouts are. We at “Encore Pilates and Yoga” use traditional Pilates and Yoga exercises to improve core strength from the inside out. We focus on controlled breathing and quality of movement – not quantity of repetitions. Our Pilates and Chair Yoga classes increase flexibility while improving spinal mobility and balance.

Our classes are completely safe and if you suffer from low bone density (osteoporosis) they will provide the recommended combination of balance, resistance and impact. They are also beneficial if you have arthritis or are recovering from hip and knee replacements, as we practice isolated movements of the joints.

Class duration is a very manageable 30-40 minutes and you will be guaranteed to feel more agile and energetic with regular practice.